About the Savannah Food Truck Force

It all started with a request to bring our Bayou Cafe Food Truck into our neighborhood during the COVID 19 pandemic so people could take a break from cooking at home and get a freshly made-to-order meal to go.  With all the new rules and regulations to keep everyone safe, people could not go out to restaurants and just wanted a break from the norm. They wanted to eat something delicious while staying socially distant. Turns out more than just our neighborhood was hungry and ready for a change! We reached out to our fellow friends with local food trucks to rotate at one location near our neighborhood (with several neighborhoods adjacent) and they were happy to jump on board. A win win! People were getting delicious food while helping local businesses stay afloat during the Pandemic. One truck in one neighborhood quickly expanded into 17 trucks and 11 locations! We started with a little Facebook page with 0 followers and over 2400 followers gravitated to the Force within a month. The excitement Savannah has for supporting these local businesses and grabbing a delicious meal close to home was intoxicating. We quickly realized we needed LIVE interactions on our Facebook page and to develop an interactive website as the food truck schedules change due to mechanical issues, weather changes and well… simply… Life. So, we partnered with a tech firm who brought the Force to life Digitally by integrating the latest technology to keep our customers informed in real time. What does that mean?? Live schedules of where each truck will be each day, Google Mapping with directions, menus and links to each trucks social media platforms.  And … BAM… THE OFFICIAL Savannah Food Truck Force was born Physically and Digitally. 

Vince & Angela Zambito – Savannah Food Truck Force